Morten Harket


Morten Harket’s (former member of Aha) new solo album “Out of my hands” is being internationally released this week! It features three songs co-written by me, “I’m the one”, “Quiet” and “When I reached the moon”. I also did some co-producing and mixing for his album. It was pure joy getting to work with one of my musical heroes! Check the links below:


Sioen video clip


Just got this from Sioen, whose album I mixed and co-write this song for…

VV Videos


Here’s a brand new video clip of “Rush of life”, the new single from VanVelzen… Doing great on dutch radio at the moment! 🙂

Roel VanVelzen also became proud father to Laut recently… Big congrats from Sweden!

Also, check out the clips from the recordings we did in Vollendam Nov -11… Great fun! I got to learn a lot of dutch christmas carrols, thanx to the guys! 🙂



Hi, if you can watch it – don’t miss Andra chansen, the fifth melodifestivalen contest, tonight. Andreas Johnson will perform our song “Lovelight”. Please vote for us!! I suspect it’s going to be nervewrecking…

Stuck in Leksand with the broken arm blues again


If you consider to start playing icehockey in a mature age – listen up! Don’t do it! Last thursday I broke my arm during a promotion icehockey game between local team Leksand and the artists of the third melodifestivalen contest. Trying to score against Leksand paid off with a badly injured arm and a visit to the hospital later the same day. Anyway – I can still play guitar if I put the capo way up on the neck. So for six weeks on, you will only hear me write ukulele-style songs!

The song that I co-wrote with Andreas Johnson for the festival, “Lovelight”, ended up in Andra chansen (in Nyköping, March 3, 8pm in SVT1). If you watch it, do vote for us! We really want to make it to the final!

Hmm… I heard that Nyköping has a good hockey team too… And I’ve still got one arm left…