Merry christmas!


And thank you for a fantastic 2011! Lately it’s been real busy and here are some last-minute news… Andreas Johnson will perform in the Swedish Eurovision song contest, Melodifestivalen, with our song “Lovelight”, which I have also produced. Another entry in Melodifestivalen is Thomas DiLeva, who is going to perform his own song “Ge aldrig upp”, which I co-produced with Thomas and Anders Lundström.

I have also had the pleasure to work with (both co-writing and producing) former Aha member Morten Harket on his upcoming album, which is going to be released in April. Exciting!

# 1 !


The Magnus Uggla album went straight to no 1 in the Swedish charts!

And has already gone gold! To put it in Swedish: fett!!  😀

Uggla – Innan filmen tagit slut


The album! It’s out on Monday! Pre-order here:…/id473752572. Pure Joe Jackson/Ramones/Byrds/Sparks/Uggla middle-age angst!  😎

Ashley Hicklin


Hey folks, I’ve just had a great week with my talented singing and songwriting friend Ashley Hicklin… We’re producing a couple of his new songs. Check out his website here:

Magnus Uggla


It’s been a while… And a lot of work. Tomorrow: le grand premiére for new single “Gör mig till din man” with Magnus Uggla. He’s going to perform it at Skavlan, big Swedish TV talkshow. And today we finished mixing the album, which is going to be out in Nov. Here’s Magnus website: