Magnus Uggla in Så Mycket Bättre

Skrevs: 2012/10/26

Don’t miss Magnus Ugglas cover versions in this year’s season of “Så Mycket Bättre”! Arranged and produced by me and Magnus. Saturday nights, 20.00 in TV4. Check out the trailer:å-mycket-bättre/klipp/se-trailern-for-nya-sasongen-av-sa-mycket-battre-2228947

Morten Harket’s new single…

Skrevs: 2012/10/05

… will be “I’m the one”, co-written with Morten and Ole Sverre Olsen and co-produced with Erik Ljunggren. Out Oct 26. Check it out:

Fatboy charts

Skrevs: 2012/10/05

Swedish band Fatboy’s new album, with five songs co-written by yours truly, enters at #10 at Sverigetopplistan today! How does it sound? Elvis goes to New Orleans, someone puts funny pills in his drink and he does a little voodoo trick. Check out their website: