Darin’s new album out now!

Skrevs: 2017/11/26

The follow-up to Darin’s hugely successful debut album in Swedish, his new album “Tvillingen” contains two of our co-writes, “Ja må du leva” (1st single) and “Man över bord”. I did some production work on the album too… 😀

Spotifiers listen here:


On tour with CajsaStina Åkerström & Jack Vreeswijk!

Skrevs: 2017/11/15

Great honour for me to be performing with these two amazing singers, playing the music of their fathers! (Two of Sweden’s most famous troubadours, for those of you who are not familiar). We really had a great time… 21 shows, most places sold out, standing ovations every night! Wow!! 😀