And here’s the Sioen song that was released last week…/P

Holland Roels!


Yours sincerely have two singles released in Holland today… Fingers crossed! Long-time co-writer and friend VanVelzen is releasing “The rush of life” today, title track off his upcoming album. Looks promising, we had adds on five big radio stations today. Check out VanVelzen’s web site here:

Dutch girl duo M A S H is releasing their first single today, a song that’s used in a yoghurt commercial… Co-written with my friend Nando! Have a listen here:

Sioen is here… too


Second single off the forthcoming album with very talented belgian singer-songwriter Sioen is “I’m not ready to love you like I do”, a song I was fortunate enough to co-write with him last spring… He also asked me to mix his album, which is going to be out Feb 24. Check out his website and listen to the preview of the single… Hope you like it!


Carola + Uggla


Coaching Swedish The Voice talents are not the only thing these two artists are up to… They are doing music together too. “Jag vill ha dig baby”, a track featured on Magnus Uggla’s album, has had a new vocal overdub by Carola and been remixed by Niclas Kings, and… There you go, a single!  😎

For spotify users:

Merry christmas!


And thank you for a fantastic 2011! Lately it’s been real busy and here are some last-minute news… Andreas Johnson will perform in the Swedish Eurovision song contest, Melodifestivalen, with our song “Lovelight”, which I have also produced. Another entry in Melodifestivalen is Thomas DiLeva, who is going to perform his own song “Ge aldrig upp”, which I co-produced with Thomas and Anders Lundström.

I have also had the pleasure to work with (both co-writing and producing) former Aha member Morten Harket on his upcoming album, which is going to be released in April. Exciting!