Morten Harket #1!


Happy easter everybody! Woop woop… Morten’s “Brother” album, cowritten and produced by me, enters the  Norwegian album top 40 chart at #1! 

Juha Mulari Itunes #1


Juha’s debut album, with “Sjömanshjärta” and “Kärlek på äldre dar” cowritten by Juha & me, hit #1 on the Swedish Itunes chart today!

Yohio #1


Yohio’s new album “Together we stand alone”, with “To the end” and “Rocket” co-written by yours truly,  hits #1 on the Swedish album chart today! Doing a little manga inspired dance around my living room… Celebrating.  😎

Itunes no 1!


Woop woop! Yohio release his brand new album “Together we stand alone” yesterday and it immediately climbed to the top of the Swedish Itunes album chart! It contains the single “To the end” (co-written by Yohio, Andreas Johnson, Johan Lyander and me) and “Rocket” (co-written by Yohio, me and Andreas Johnson).

Juha Mulari


Check this out! Juha Mulari is without doubt a late bloomer… With a voice as big as a house and a story to tell like no one else. I had the pleasure to co-write his first single, “Sjömanshjärta”, and to play guitar on his album. My dear friend Simon Nordberg produced. Video clip will be up Feb 14.