Anne-Lie Rydé: “Jag Mår Bra” out now!


I have had the honour of producing legendary songstress Anne-Lie Rydé’s songs for this years edition of TV4’s “Så Mycket Bättre” show. Tonight the first episode featuring Anne-Lie aired, and she performed our rendition of Molly Hammar’s “I’ll be fine”. Our take on the song is called “Jag mår bra”. Check it out! 🖤

Lasse Stefanz: “Där Jag Hänger Min Hatt” out now!


I had a blast helping Olle Jönsson with this rendition of Norlie & KKV’s classic pop tune “Där Jag Hänger Min Hatt”! Featured in TV4:s Så Mycket Bättre show a couple of weeks ago. Check it out! 🎩

Loulou LaMotte: “Jul Med Dig” out now!


My 2nd Christmas release this year, “Jul Med Dig” was written by me and Loulou and produced by me. Such a joy writing and producing this song! Check it out! 🎅🎄🎁

Albin Lee Meldau & GRANT: “Gör Dig Glad” out now!


So happy to bring two of my favourite voices together again (plus we always have such a good time whenever we meet!). “Gör Dig Glad” is our rendition of Anna Ternheim’s song “What Have I Done”. Produced and mixed by yours truly.