Spiders: “Dead Or Alive” single out now!


First single off upcoming album “Killer Machine”… Let me proudly introduce “Dead Or Alive” to you! I had the pleasure of writing two songs with Ann-Sofie and John from my favourite Gothenburg band. We really had a blast when we wrote this (I bet you can hear it)!


Dead Or Alive

Minimello Victory!


Swedish kids TV show Minimello reached it’s last final tonight, and the artist Rosetta won with my song “Gör som jag vill”!! What an incredible honour to win the last edition of Minimello! 😀 😀 😀

Watch Rosetta’s performance here:

Gör som jag vill

Darin’s new album #1!


Christmas came early this year… Darin’s new album “Tvillingen” went straight to #1! 😀

Darin’s new album out now!


The follow-up to Darin’s hugely successful debut album in Swedish, his new album “Tvillingen” contains two of our co-writes, “Ja må du leva” (1st single) and “Man över bord”. I did some production work on the album too… 😀

Spotifiers listen here: