Smith & Thell: “Goliath” out now!


I had the pleasure of co-writing this song with Swedish folkpop duo Smith & Thell a while ago. Released today! 🎺💥🎺

Check it out:

Darin: “En säng av rosor” out now!


One voice, one guitar, one cello. Sometimes that’s all you need… Darin’s new single “En säng av rosor” is out today! 🛏🌹

Check it out here:

“En del av mitt hjärta” movie out now!


Sorry for not updating lately… It’s been a really busy January. Anyway, we premiered the “En del av mitt hjärta” film musical on Christmas Day, and this is a picture of the whole cast on stage (there was not room enough for the dancers, unfortunately)! It’s the best selling movie of 2019 and 2020. So far so good! 💥

VanVelzen: “Opposite Lover” out now!


Co-written last fall with Roel VanVelzen and Martijn “Tienus” Konijnenburg, “Opposite Lover” is VanVelzen’s comeback single! Put on your dancing shoes and check it out!!💃🕺