Petra Marklund’s new album “Frimärken” out today!


So excited about this release, and so happy for Petra who’s writing and singing her heart out on this record! Check out our song “Frimärket”, lead single off the album, which features four of our co-writes. I’ve also co-produced four of the songs. 💥❤️💥

Also, check out this duet with Motoboy, co-written by me, Petra and Motoboy:

Chris Kläfford: “Chasing Heartaches” out now!


Proud to be working with this amazingly talented singer-songwriter! I had the pleasure of co-writing this song with Chris and Scott Ritchie. Production by yours truly. Check it out! 😎

“Goliath” wins ISC!


Yesterday I found out that “Goliath”, the song I co-wrote with folkpop duo Smith & Thell, was awarded with the “Grand Prize” in the International Songwriting Competition! Didn’t even know that our song was in the competition, so this came totally out of the blue! A bunch of my idols in the jury, people like Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Tom Waits, so this means the world to me! A million thanks to my extremely talented co-writers Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell for inviting me to the co-write. 🙏❤️🎉

Link to the award:



Magnus Uggla: “Fredagsdrinken” out now!


Every Friday Magnus Uggla, or “king Uggla” as we call him here in Sweden, posts his weekly drink tip under the hashtag #fredagsdrinkenuggla on Instagram. Then he made a song about it. And I had the honour of producing it! 😎 Check it out: