Morten Harket’s new single…


… will be “I’m the one”, co-written with Morten and Ole Sverre Olsen and co-produced with Erik Ljunggren. Out Oct 26. Check it out:

Fatboy charts


Swedish band Fatboy’s new album, with five songs co-written by yours truly, enters at #10 at Sverigetopplistan today! How does it sound? Elvis goes to New Orleans, someone puts funny pills in his drink and he does a little voodoo trick. Check out their website:



Swedish rockabilly act Fatboy is about to release their fourth album “Love Creole”, containing five songs co-written by Thomas (lead singer), Hannu (guitarist) and me. The single “Walk your way”, one of our co-writes, will be released Sept 9, and the album follows on Sept 23. Fatboy will tour Sweden and Scandinavia extensively this fall. Check out their website: Don’t don’t miss this great live band!  😎

Hagsätra IP – official Swedish Olympic Game song


Hagsätra Sport, the duo consisting of Andreas Johnson and Niklas Strömstedt, is releasing the song “Hagsätra IP” today. It was co-written by the three of us and produced by you know who. Check it out (and enjoy some historic Swedish olympic moments meanwhile):

Edith is Back(lund)


The new album “Kill the clowns”, featuring production and co-writing by yours truly, is out now! We’ve had some very positive reviews, check here:

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