“Still Life” out now!!

Skrevs: 2018/09/04

Huge thanks to everyone involved in ”Still Life” for making this happen and for pushing me over the edge! Wouldn’t have made it without you. Thanks to Simon Nordberg for your patience and sonic expertise. Thanks to Andreas Dahlbäck and Tim Lauer for your generosity and support. Thanks to Nikola Bedingfield and Jonas Myrin for writing great songs with me. Thanks to Christoffer Stannow for mastering. Thanks to Cecilija Lidberg and Daniel Roos for the pictures and to Patric Leo for artwork. Thanks to Liza Berthelsen and Pär Malmstedt at Gamlestans/Border for helping me with the release. Thanks to Christoffer Lindh and the Sony/ATV team.Thanks to all the great artists and songwriters I’m working with for the inspiration. Thanks to Kerstin Kvint for helping me to pick the songs. Thanks to Patric Leo for the beautiful artwork, to Cecilija Lidberg for the cover image and to Daniel Roos for the portrait pics. Thanks also to David Myhr and Peter Morén for friendly advice. Last, but not least, thanks to Katarina, E and T – I love you. <3<3<3 Link to digital platforms: Still Life

Link to order CD:

Still Life