Tack för musiken

Skrevs: 2011/08/21

My friend Ola Salo, singer and songwriter in Swedish glam popsters The Ark, was the first guest in this pretty brilliant TV-show (translated into english “Thank you for the music”) and was kind enough to invite me to participate to talk about our collaboration. I produced (and did some co-writing) on The Ark’s second album (“In lust we trust”) and worked with them again on two singles from their greatest hits album (“Arkeology”)… I am going to miss this band!! And “Tack för musiken”? It’s the Swedish equivalent to Elvis Costello’s “Spectacle” series, a show that’s about the music and the people behind the music. Don’t try to reach me on Saturday nights between 8.45 and 9.45 for the next five weeks, because I’m going to be glued to the TV sofa. Check it out here…