“The King” awarded with Guldklaven

Skrevs: 2011/07/18

Just got the news that “The King”, written by Fredrik Kempe and me and performed by The Playtones in Melodifestivalen 2011, was awarded with Guldklaven (the biggest dance band price in Sweden) tonight. Yaaayyy! I couldn’t be in Malung, where the award gala was held, because of a bad cold. Feeling much better now. :-)

Home again…

Skrevs: 2011/07/11

…after two weeks of writing, meeting and driving in LA. Spent four days with supertalented Nikola Bedingfield, who is about to lauch her own project The Golden Phoenix. Website (under construction) here: http://thegoldenphoenixmusic.com/. Now for some Swedish vacation at our summer house…